• Overview

    Our culture, like our website, is bright…vibrant…unexpected – purple! Protiro was started by two women with a dream: to create a company where hard work pays off for everyone. Where honesty and integrity matter. Where laughter can live alongside a relentless pursuit of client success. We are tenacious toward our work, simpatico in how we work.

  • We Care

    We care about: honesty, integrity, reliability, listening, positive attitudes, Innovation, diversity, respect, accountability, exceeding expectations and supporting one another. Oh, and our furry friends in the office - dogs.

  • Holiday Gift Baskets

    Our tradition continues of each employee making home-made "goodies" for all of our clients.

  • Who We Are

    Here at Protiro we are deeply dedicated, motivated, and authentic. 

  • Annual Awards Banquet

    Another Protiro tradition of rewarding and awarding our employees for their hard work and dedication.  Their work is directly tied to our success!

“As an  H1B visa holder, I can say that Protiro has always done a great job of getting the visa paperwork done – very responsive and on the case. And in general day to day business, they look after you – my inquiries are handled very promptly and professionally. Good company to work for...”


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“Protiro encapsulates a small professional company with down-to-earth friendly people who know how to navigate government contracts subjected to highly complex rules and laws to supply top-notch technical expertise to government institutions.”

Kat C.

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“Protiro is an excellent employer with excellent benefits and a company that really cares about its employees. They go the extra mile to help their employees with The management team at Protiro is truly amazing. Their diverse skill sets and backgrounds yield valuable insights and perspectives that result in tremendous benefits to their clients. personal and employment-related issues. I worked for Protiro for 7 years and always found them to be very professional and reliable.”

Jason C.

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“Protiro presented me an opportunity of a lifetime! I have worked in the telecommunications field my whole life and have wondered from job to job feeling like my talent was wasted, neglected and unused. Out of the blue, Protiro contacted me and told me NIST was looking for people like me! I had known about NIST all of my life, but never imagined I would be working there. Not only am I challenged with many new and exciting technologies and research, but I work at a great place with awesome people and what I'm doing is making a difference! Thank you Protiro!”

Don H.

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“Having worked for Protiro for almost 10 years now, I can honestly say that this company rocks! Every employee in their administrative office treats me with utmost respect and dignity whether I am calling about important benefits questions or just chatting at lunch. They are enthusiastic and purposeful, and you can bet that any interaction with Protiro will be friendly, competent, and worthwhile.”

Susan S.

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