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ASO and Human Resources

Hiring an ASO allows Human Resource and Administrative services to be provided by a firm outside an organization. An ASO service can potentially eliminate three full-time positions and relieve the administrative burdens of being an employer—thereby allowing your company to concentrate on its core expertise.

Protiro’s proven ASO approach helps companies maintain their focus by providing highly-qualified Administrative and HR professionals at a cost that’s lower than companies typically spend to perform these functions themselves. 

We assure 100% regulatory compliance with ever-changing employment laws and benefits administration. You’ll enjoy reduced risk and greater operating efficiencies that will increase your margins and bottom-line performance.  

Our services are custom-tailored to your company’s specific needs and include:

  • Local/State/Federal Employment Law Compliance
  • Liability Management
  • Benefits Administration
  • Performance Management
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Employee Relations and Communication
  • Workforce Policies and Procedures
  • Training Program Development & Administration
  • Job Descriptions
  • Payroll Administration
  • Employee Morale
  • Conflict Resolution & Counseling

Beyond these functions, our ASO consulting group can free your company from performing jobs and functions that drain time, focus and money from achieving your goals. Protiro can outsource:

Administrative Support Roles

  • Administrative assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Copy/reproduction staff

Ancillary Administrative Functions

  • Mobile phone program administration
  • Corporate event coordination
  • Fleet management

“Protiro presented me an opportunity of a lifetime! I have worked in the telecommunications field my whole life and have wondered from job to job feeling like my talent was wasted, neglected and unused. Out of the blue, Protiro contacted me and told me NIST was looking for people like me! I had known about NIST all of my life, but never imagined I would be working there. Not only am I challenged with many new and exciting technologies and research, but I work at a great place with awesome people and what I'm doing is making a difference! Thank you Protiro!”

Don H.

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