With the sky-rocketing cost of employee benefits, the compliance challenges of ever-changing labor laws and a legal system increasingly protective of employee rights, it makes more sense than ever to consider outsourcing administrative functions.  

Whether you’re interested in outsourcing a small function like mobile phone administration or would like a complete overhaul of your administrative pools, our consulting team will objectively assess the pros and cons specific to your situation. Customers often find outsourcing can save the cost of hiring between one and two full time administrative employees.  

Our ASO consultants also provide management strategies to enhance worker morale, productivity and conflict resolution. We welcome the opportunity to perform an outsourcing assessment and see if we can be of service to you.

“Protiro encapsulates a small professional company with down-to-earth friendly people who know how to navigate government contracts subjected to highly complex rules and laws to supply top-notch technical expertise to government institutions.”

Kat C.

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