Human Resources

Our consulting teams bring decades of experience and proven performance across a wide range of industries. We’ve helped global companies as well as start-ups enjoy the bottom-line benefits of improved workforce retention, morale and productivity.  

Our consulting services team can do the same for your company by providing expert advice in: 

  • Benefits Administration/Strategy 
  • Employee Relations/Communications 
  • Labor Law compliance/Reporting 
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Compensation Baselines
  • Workforce Policies/Procedures 
  • Employee Recruitment/Retention 
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Performance Management 
  • Payroll Administration 
  • Creative strategies to become an "Employer of Choice" 

“Protiro presented me an opportunity of a lifetime! I have worked in the telecommunications field my whole life and have wondered from job to job feeling like my talent was wasted, neglected and unused. Out of the blue, Protiro contacted me and told me NIST was looking for people like me! I had known about NIST all of my life, but never imagined I would be working there. Not only am I challenged with many new and exciting technologies and research, but I work at a great place with awesome people and what I'm doing is making a difference! Thank you Protiro!”

Don H.

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