As you know, finding top talent isn’t easy. But you’ve come to the right place. Locating the brightest stars is our specialty. 

High-caliber talent

We listen to better understand the type of candidate you’re seeking. And with our many years of experience comes the ability to read between the lines. So we can bring you candidates you may never have thought to look for but who are perfect for the job.

We know how and where to find them

Years of building connections and contacts (along with the use of advanced tools and processes) allow us to quickly identify and present a range of highly qualified candidates. 

You’ll get quality, not quantity

You don’t have time to sift through a hundred candidates. That’s what we’re here for: to spend the time finding and screening as many candidates as it takes to select the handful that are just right. We want the hardest part of your candidate search to be trying to decide which outstanding candidate is best. 

Our not-so-secret weapon? Top talent finds us

We’ve built a reputation as a company both businesses and talent like to work with. When high-quality candidates are looking for a change, they often look to us. Over 95% of our customers come back, so you can be sure a lot of the people we help place do too. 

“Protiro is an excellent employer with excellent benefits and a company that really cares about its employees. They go the extra mile to help their employees with both personal and employment-related issues. I worked for Protiro for 7 years and always found them to be very professional and reliable.”

David M.

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