Protiro, Inc. has a 17 year history of performance in the public and private sector of business with over 95% repeat business. Government past performance includes the following contracts, beginning 2004 to present:

  • NIST – Total Awards $75 million 
    • Multiple Awards: Scientific and Technical Services and Technical Administrative Support
  • NTIA - Total Awards $710,000.00
    • Multiple Awards: P25 Consulting; IT Services; Administrative Services; Plan Design and Test Temporary Records Information Portal (TRIP); Project Management; Network Security Standardization
  • ITS – Total Awards $4.10 million 
    • Multiple Awards: Scientific and Technical Services; Standards Development and Computer Programming; Program Management Advisory
  • Buckley AFB – Total Awards $825,057.72
    • Project Management Support - Engineering and Technical
  • BLM – Total Awards $71,503.85
    • Multiple Awards: Biology Project and Hydrology Project
  • NOAA/National Marine Fisheries Services – Total Awards $78,900.00
    • Non personal services for Administrative Services
  • DOE – Total Awards $12,000.00
    • Multiple Awards: Human Resource Consulting-Investigation Services

Current NAICS codes: 541310, 541330, 541511, 541512, 541612, 541690, 541712, 541990, 561110, 561311, 561320  

“Protiro encapsulates a small professional company with down-to-earth friendly people who know how to navigate government contracts subjected to highly complex rules and laws to supply top-notch technical expertise to government institutions.”

Kat C.

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