Proven Capture Management

The Protiro approach to capture management is highly disciplined yet quite simple:

  • Allow long-lead identification of target opportunities 
  • Perform an honest assessment of the organization’s commitment to win
  • Recruit the ideal Project Manager with a vested interest in winning and executing the initiative  

Without these essential elements, experience tells us the chance of success is no greater than 15%. Experience also tells us that the following positioning strategies—when used in the right sequence—greatly improve your winning percentage. 

  • Orchestration of well-timed meetings with key decision makers and project stakeholders 
  • Validation of technical and management approaches with industry experts 
  • Vetting and retention of key personnel 
  • Development of innovative/cost saving solutions
  • Implementation of project-specific proprietary strategies 

Proposals That Win

Proposal professionals agree: over 90% of proposals are lost because they don’t comply with instructions. We believe over 99% of proposals are lost as a result of a poorly executed capture plan. Our proven approach to writing winning proposals is predicated on the following: The decision makers already know who they want to win…the proposal merely confirms what the winning team validated with the decision makers long before RFP was issued.  

With our reputation for winning and richly rewarding those who helped us prevail, we attract the very best experts in their fields. Bids are written with confidence—knowing rather than guessing what the customer wants. Understanding the weight placed on overall project costs and realism, our proposals are developed in an integrated manner with the cost models developed by those responsible for scope execution.   

“Managing employees stationed at multiple sites can not be an easy task. However, the Protiro staff was always easy to get a hold of and promptly dealt with any issues that came up.”

Dan S.

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